I WANT, part deux

I want to go back to Longwood Gardens and start fresh with a new man. New fireworks and a new song tolling from the Bell tower. I want a proposal that doesn’t end with him faking it and running away from the surest thing he ever had. I want a speech. I want him down…

Him & Her

The ring around the moon and the galaxies in their eyes told of healed horizons and forgiveness from epic lies. The man in the moon set his hooks from the guardian of the tides; casting them down to the earth for her to bite or hide. He lived alone in silence, decoding her stories untold;…


I want to get loaded under your skin. I want to shout out to the moon until the sun breaks thin. I want to lay you wide open til the skies remain in this breath between life and signature written on my soul. I wrote you books and sent them off in a mad dance….


I woke up with your dew still dripping and kissing my skin. In it, I discovered new worlds that we created with outstretched hands.

There wasn’t much to it.

There wasn’t much to it. She just opened the jar and let honey drip between her thighs. There wasn’t much to it. He just let her gypsy soul dance with fire in his eyes. There wasn’t much to it. They just let the ashes of affairs sink into their hair. There wasn’t much to it….


I slipped and fell beneath the waves of thunder summersaulting through the air. You simply brandished your sword and you cut your own hair. Your throne stood tall amongst the rest and crumbled beneath the weight of those that danced before my very own test. You gave up on me one day as you jumped…


Edgar sat and twisted his words on a writing desk, while he talked of blackbirds shaping before her in the sky and beneath the apple tree… Where she succumbed to his mystery and told of their lies. Some say he fell for a woman, overcome by her fateful glance. The one who dressed in black…


I never want to experience a mental institution again. Ever. They work under the guise that they are helping you. After they fought me 8-1, threw me on the bed, beat me n chased me naked down the hall with white linens trailing like a cape, they strapped me down with leather n quartered my…


AND I AM ALL GROWN UP! Just let me eat some more pizza, downthis coke (original formula) n take a nap!