My apartment fell through. It was already taken a day in. So, I wait. There is one left, but the bathroom was straight out of a murder scene and the kitchen beckoned nightmares from the 60’s. I assumed they were brand new. To be honest, I felt a bit rushed. I was not 100% sold […]


A Note from the Universe: “Nothing’s been lost, you’ve still totally got ‘it.’ It’s just that you enrolled in the ‘Double Advanced Super Thriller Program,’ at the same time as the ‘Can’t Touch This Life Mastery Class.’ Naturally then, since you aren’t permitted to remember such choices mid-life, you’re a bit startled to see the […]


It was my birthday as the clock struck midnight. I was completely nude, sprawled out on my red satin comforter as the blood ran cold from my wrist, when there was a knock on the door. I jumped up and wrapped it around my body like a cape as I answered the door in anticipation. […]