Silver Backs

What makes a man is not his country nor the leaders that follow. What makes a man is his unyielding beliefs that he can stand on his own two feet without a dollar bill raised as his backbone! You silver backed swine! You shit up your spine n feed that bullshit to your children!!!! You’re thieves n whores n liars! You rape us n yell fire when your Lincoln’s get burnt at the stake for wanting a better world! You of all people, those that run n stand for, disgust me most! Code blue! I’d rather be homeless than live in your institution of faith n prosperity for all! Suck it.

The only person who earned a solid dollar was the woman who got it stuffed down her breasts for dancing around your POLLS.

RIDE THAT, WASHINTON! Who’s praying now?! Down on your knees!

Besides, I ate moneyin the crib. Don’t ask what else I did in the crib. Other wise you’ll be cumming in your tights!

I was raised on money! And I ate ALL of it in my crib!!! And you k ow what grew from that? Raisins! On my hands! And that sustained me! Don’t you dare tell me money makes a man! I got raisins!

How’s that for poly ticks?! I hope that’s got you twitching in your spine like the needles in my arm, bitch! Sorry, I have daddy issues.

Oh here we go. Gocery shopping with the rents drunk again.

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