Our star seed beneath the bows that break and where willows weep today. Dear child, I saw you in a dream with a golden sash and a tainted dress. I wish to heaven and back that everything will be okay.

But I cannot promise that and neither will your Father, for he ad I both know the trials you face in the firery rings that burn hotter.

You were born years before you came. Into this world, through triumph where there lies no shame.

You were a grandiose twinkle in the eyes of the blind n those that fought to win. Between my word and his that bind, it wasn’t in truth or sin.

You were a figmant of our imagination but yet my belly grew. The seeds we sowed in love will forever remain in you.

You are born of epic tales that tell of Gods that rise and fall. We are human, yet not…we are one for you and one for all.

I tell you this much is true as I look at your face and smile. You’ll climb every mountain you set before yourself in your god-given trials.

We never intended you to walk a lonely road or seek us beneath the grave. But one day we shall too pass and you’ll be left with memories we craved.

You were born of mighty men and peasants, too. To lead a nation under one is a right left for only you.

Never introduce yourself as just a Cadence within our eyes. The fire that dances beneath our soul will never die.

You’re magic and you’re fire dancing around a ring. One set forth beyond nations and hidden beneath the strings.

That bind and never break. Set before a storm. Tied round my finger so I never forget your charm.

You will move many to fall and many to rise beneath the tides. You will sail seas and bring lofty men and women to their bruised-up knees.

You may doubt in your ways when the time comes to stand tall or lay to rest. My daughter. This is not your only test.

You came from love and there is where you shall remain.Until our beating hearts become one and stain.

The fabric of the Universe is weaved into your soul. Everything you are and have always been, deep within the ringing of the bells that toll.

The time has come to birth you into being. A new face. A new name. A new way of life for all that are believing.

We ask nothing from you but to follow your heart and wander. We did it too, and we made it through the tides that pulled us under.

If it weren’t for His glory days that are spread out for eyes to see, if it wasn’t for my relentless heart that beat beneath my skin for all of us to be free.

We wouldn’t have conjured you up in the forest stew. A magical spell you were to us that left you a treasure hunt full of clues.

We must go now but we’ll be back to write you again. Until then, my love, our daughter who’s always been.


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