Dear Lover,
I hope you lead a decent life. I do. This is not my first letter to you, nor will it be my last.
What we shared, I’ll never forget but I have to move on for my own good. I’m going to figure out how to write & paint for a living because this is my calling…to experience my stories & portray them.
I have an urge to move, as the mountains pull my hair & the stars lick my lips. I cannot deny it, just as I cannot deny what we were.
I love you for taking me whole in my sleep & for pouring your energy & love into my wounds. I have so much more to write about this, if I only had a moment to remember.
I will write of our kisses & fights & raise you higher than you were before. You are sacred to me because thus far, you are the ONLY man that was capable of driving me to my knees every single day. Every day.
I never cried so hard in all my life. Never loved so deeply or felt so wholey. Never knew what I looked like until I met you. I love you. 
But I once stood in my father’s mirrors & held them side by side as a child. You see, I saw many reflections that day. Not just one. I have stories to tell & paint that needs to seep into my skin. I have souls that yearn & I have mirrors to peer into & transform. I’m just glad you are a warrior & didn’t allow me to break yours when I had the chance.
You are shatter proof. And will always be.
Ships In The Rain

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