I am clearing out my last remaining pieces of artwork to make way for new adventures. Some are already spoken for and are going to be sent to good homes. I remember who you are. 😉

Throughout my hospital stays over the last six months, I discovered the joy of creating personalized artwork for my peers as a way to uplift, inspire and comfort. What I didn’t realize at the beginning was that my art was a catalyst for self expression amongst many of my new friends. As I shared my work and heart with my peers, they began opening up and sharing pieces of themselves. Each and every soul blew me away.

I had discovered healing and witnessed so many others paint over their pain with art, poetry, music and conversation. Even though I have studied it and used myself as a guinea pig in the past, this was the very first time I truly dove into Art as Therapy and saw it work wonders first-hand.

I realized in those extremely trying times, that art, in all forms, exists in the midst of our pain. Healing begins with a stroke of courage to use our broken selves in such a way to inspire transformation and understanding amongst those that share our deepest pain…starting with what we have at hand: one another.

“Art was a last desperate attempt for me to be able to exist in the world after trying very hard not to exist in the world.” ~ Author Unknown

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