Great. This place is haunted. Just released into the new leg of my journey and it’s already back to work. This will gear me up for the next investigation at Hill View Manor in April if I have the guts to return. Scared me straight last time. It was so terrifying, I quit 4 hours…

Knock, Knock.

Missed the Universe’s sense of humor. My journey the last 6 months started out with these numbers. Here I am, at the door of my new apartment. I know my numbers.  😉


About just a week ago, I was screaming at someone in pain, “I just want my life to go back to the way it was before all of this happened!” But as I sit here today I think that this new life is far too fascinating to turn back now. Having my life go back…


Truth be told, I never wanted a cowboy. I just wanted someone who knew how to fucking ride a horse and simultaneously lasso in a raptor. Is that too much to ask?


In my search to end my life, something actually died with me. This idea of death itself. It’s no wonder that those of us whom have attempted to escape speak so candidly about it … stoically and sometimes, dare I say, humorously. The bottom isn’t rock. There is a membrane that pulls you through to…


I’m so excited to dance around my apartment at midnight in nothing but my underpants, painting walls vibrant colors while listening to electro swing. Just like old times. WICKED JSM DANCING TO BROTHERSWING – PAROV STELAR  


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Barefoot and determined, I marched on as one. The angels that formed were all but lonely in their shadows that appeared with the sun. The moon was out and mars waved hello. I glanced up to wave back as the tide turned and moved into its glow. I wrote his…


Angels? Oh my loves, they exist. Someday, I will expand but for now I just want to mention a very special duo that I met along my journies in the last 2 months. I have two … no, make that four … angels down the hall from me. My best friend here, her boyfriend and…