I am swallowing my pride and will be going through the system one more time to aquire housing. I will be in a residential center until I have my interview Tuesday for housing of my choice. Holy shit. This has been one hell of a long process. I’ve just surrendered. Because ya know what? Being locked up in a hotel room isn’t getting me anywhere fast. Obviously. Although I’m so very grateful for meeting my angels along the way n maybe, just maybe, they’ve considered me one as well. It’s been one fucking hell of a ride, but kids, this is the end of the line very, very soon.

Nope. It’s not where I want to be by a long shot, but it’s either PA or the streets for now. I give myself six months. First $1,000 I earn n I’m buying a one-way ticket out of here. Let the shenanigans continue on forever more.

Tick. Tock. This bitch is off the clock.

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