I just moved into an apartment with a roomie who has been here for 8 years. First off, I can’t imagine living anywhere for that long.

She’s really nice and I’m very thankful, don’t get me wrong. We are very different, but I’m sure we’ll both have something to teach one another.

She has a strict routine and so far, she has not strayed from it. It’s kinda fascinating to watch, really. I never knew just how unstructured I was. Not that I care at the moment.

She goes to bed at ten and wakes up at seven. I’m over here like, ‘I go to bed at midnight, sometimes seven at night, sometimes five in the morning.’ She takes a shower at 7pm every night and I’m over here like, ‘I take a shower bout every two weeks.’ (Not always true, but sometimes, sadly, it is the case). She washes her dishes immediately after every meal and I just wait until they pile up and have to buy new ones. She leaves the house at the same time for a volunteer job and returns at the same time every day. I don’t even decide how I’m going to waste my evenings until 4pm. She gets her mail everyday and asked if I changed my address bc she has not seen mail for me. I’m like, ‘ya, I haven’t opened mail in about 4 years and that’s probably why I most likely have warrants out for my arrest.’

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