Not today. I just can’t.


I’m terrified. Terrified at the sheer face of the mountain I must climb. The tallest peak yet. I am terrified knowing that I have no choice but to bandage my wounds and march onward, still bleeding. It’s a new range, but familiar. I remember traversing the same bridge that led to the base. He, too, promised marriage … A union of souls in a happily ever after. And before I had a chance to even try on my gown, all was swept away in waters no soul had the courage to fight. Until I met you. But with you, there is no gate to close at the end of that bridge. There was no goodbye. There was no letting go. There was no final resting place for my soul. You simply vanished. Without a trace. I am in the midst of grieving our Union. I may not have the courage…

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