Conversations with Monkey Sauce, cont… “Bitch! I’m Madonna!”

Monkey Sauce: dude, i just had a dream that i wrestled an elk to the ground. Pesky Elk.

Raptor Rex: Omg! Cuz you’re superman! You probably felt manly after working out.

Monkey Sauce: yeah, probably.

Raptor Rex: I just realized how often I think about wrestling large animals such as grizzlies, wolves and cougars. I’m not sure why that is. I just like to be prepared I guess. I’m definitely outdoorsy, but I’m never in situations where I’d meet any of those face to face. Let’s face it, these days i walk to the market. Unless I am manic, that is. Then it’s almost as if I’m searching for them. I once sat by a salmon run, practically begging for grizzlies just waking up from hibernation to maul my face off. But I’m prepared, so it’s all good. I plan to just snap their necks if they get too feisty with me.

Monkey Sauce: yeah, they have to be dealt with.

RaptorRex: Yes. I agree.

Monkey Sauce: i had a madonna song running in my head when i woke up.

Raptor Rex: Which one?

Monkey Sauce: Bitch, I’m Madonna.

Raptor Rex: *rubs hands together* time to sharpen up my animation skills. A monkey wrestling an Elk with “Bitch, I’m Madonna” as the theme song. Priceless.

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