The Climb

When I met you, my being was set on fire. I believed in my soul’s journey once again. More so than ever before. But as in times past, our hearts wrestled at the summit and our bodies tumbled down. I never did get to see the view.

Tell me, Lord, what is it that you hide on the other side? What is that you desparately want me to see? Must I go it alone and ward off the desires of my heart to face the vastness of life on the other side?

I was certain this time that I’d make it with love in tow. But as with all posessions, even attachments disguised as love seem to be too heavy a burden to carry on the edge of reason.

I can barely describe my own sorrow. This is the third time I’ve been up this mountain. It takes years to regain strength to climb again.

Everything in your timing, they say. Unfortunately, I feel as time is running out. I could settle at the bottom and make a comfortable home, but sooner or later, my heart will be pulled by stars and I’ll have to move on once more.

This is why I’m finding it hard to settle into my new home. If I want something bad enough, I have to put my everything into it. If you want plan A, don’t start making a plan B. It’s settling when all is said and done. And my heart, once set on fire, will never settle. It’s just the way it is.

I gave up mostly everything I had this time around, except you. I never let go. My next climb will have to be a solo journey If I’m ever to see what lies beyond. According to the law of attraction and what I have come to know deep within, the happier we are without that which our hearts desire most, the faster we will attain it.

And by that time, it won’t even matter. Therein lies the beauty of letting go.


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