Something is missing from this post. I’m thinking it’s an image of Keanu Reeves’ “duh” face.

Be careful who you tell though. Very well could lead to involuntary treatment with antipsychotic medications, depression, suicidal thoughts, institutions and injectable sedatives administered by nurses and prescribed by psychiatrists that are just as burnt out by the system as you. Or not. Because they make money off your inability to think for your fucking self.

And what do you get? A certified letter stamp of crazy.

And bills. Many bills. And I’m talking $10’s of thousands.

I owe one institution $27,000 for 9 days of doing NOTHING but eating n sleeping. All because I professed the dreaded words, “I AM.”

You bet I’m pissed.

And to think I belived psychiatrists when they said, “we aren’t trying to change your beliefs.” You’re full of shit.

But lucky for me, my beliefs stand firm. It’s taken 5 years of practice. But they are firm.

Case in point: we go to our morning yoga classes and utter the words, “Namaste.” No one bats an eyelash. What because you n your teacher don’t know the true meaning or it’s origins? Please.

And I’m locked up, drugged up and fucked up because I’m trying to prove it? Ok.


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