Exhaustion & Becoming

“You’ve been on such a long journey… so many moments of turning from your raw vulnerability, in the hopes of becoming something different. Someone who fits in to a crazy world, who can be seen for the eruption of creativity that you are, no longer needing to pretend and hold back, even for another moment….

Hey, You.

Hey, you can tell the world you’re leaving. You can pack your bags and run amongst the cobblestone and throw them overboard, breaking your gait at the entrance while tugging snug on the hanging cord. Hey, you can tell the world you’ve gone and leave the rest behind. You can glance beneath the curtains and end the show that…

Love, Unpacked.

Love is having your best friend get you to smile through the tears & helping you unpack your boxes that hold treasures reminding you that you have made it through the toughest two years of your life. To you, I am forever grateful.

Conversations with God, cont…

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Conversations with Mom, cont… Me: “How come you didn’t offer me lunch today? You go out and get a Whopper and don’t even think of me?” Mom: “You really want a meal out, don’t you?” Me: “I’ll have my chex mix and m&m mix, please.” Mom: “That’s not enough.”…

Very soon, you’re going to be a distant memory. And really, I am ok with that.


The most courageous thing you can do in this life is to stay alive. After all is lost – hope, happiness, dreams. After all is lost. If you can hang on then, you are beyond courageous. What lies after? I don’t know. I’ve only had enough courage to stay alive.


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When they lay their heads upon their pillows and slip into their dreams, that’s when I allow my mind to wander and unravel at the seams. It’s in the midst of their sedation that I travel near and far. I write you poetry and sing you songs underneath the stars.…

Originally posted on ON THE ROCKS :


I miss the good ol’ days. Running through rain storms without a care in the world … Climbing mountains at midnight just to get a better view of the moon …. Dancing under stars like wild banchees set to Jurassic Park music …. Kissing classmates under the stars & next to the river …. Working…

This where I should have been today. Instead, I’m sucked up in a bedroom next to McDonald’s, KFC, n Taco Bell in PA. Ya. I am pissed. Going to bed. I could be grateful, but I’m not. Too many promises made n broken.