I miss you.


When they lay their heads upon their pillows and slip into their dreams, that’s when I allow my mind to wander and unravel at the seams. It’s in the midst of their sedation that I travel near and far. I write you poetry and sing you songs underneath the stars. It isn’t really a mystery anymore so much as it is a discovering of truths set before the storm. I wrote a poem about a predator set for another man’s eyes to see. It wasn’t until you arrived and laid out your hands bare for me. A fierce, fire-ridden, soul-bitten, shape-shifter raven, that will soar into your mind. A gypsy-travelin’, snare-settin’, mystery-unravelin’ whore, who will unshackle the ties that bind. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on this game, it’s for the adults who have put their love to shame. It’s a pair of shattered mirrors that only cut the skin to reveal the…

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