Knock, Knock.

One of these days I’d really love to be forced to replace a door. Not because it jammed or the wood started splintering. Not because I lost my keys. Not because the paint outgrew my tastes. And certainly not because my landlord told me to do so. No. If you want to knock down my […]

Deny Me

Originally posted on ON THE ROCKS :
Deny me myself, and I’ll fight back in one. Show me my health, and I’ll tell you you’ve won. … Deny me my rage, and I’ll fight back in two. Turn over the page, and I’ll show you what’s true. … Deny me my joy, and I’ll fight back in threes.…

My Lips are Sealed.

I haven’t slept well in a month. Maybe one night while I was away. I first assumed it was because of the horror I felt looking back on the last 3-4 months. I thought it was because I scared myself straight by putting up with less than I deserved. The piss poor decisions. The epic […]