Produce Porn

Get your minds out of the gutter. I belong to a local food bank, so I can supplement my groceries. It’s hit or miss, but today was a hit! Bins were overflowing with fresh & colorful produce from local gardens, as well as fresh breads. They said dig in, so I took the opportunity since […]

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Sex Drive – Riding Shotgun

The recipe for memorable road trips call for certain ingredients – good company, great music, majestic views, spontaneous spirits and plenty of belly laughs. Then there are the road trips that go down in history. The only difference between the two is the additional naughty dose of sexual mischief in the car, sprinkled on to taste. Shake or pour, it doesn’t even matter, because if done right, it usually ends up in spontaneous marriage proposals on the side of the road.

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Color-Safe Bleach

I need color-safe bleach for my brain to erase the last 6 months of my life. And he’d ask, “why color-safe?” And I’d reply, “Because … I’d like to remember you.”

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Unsolicited Food Porn

Ah, unsolicited food porn – slightly less offensive than the unsolicited dick pic. Slightly. It’s a little known fact that my friend takes hilariously pathetic photos of food. He doesn’t even do it on purpose, it just comes naturally. He should really start an online catalog. Oh wait, we already have Instagram. Funniest thing about […]

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Pimp My Ramen

On a roll today! I’m a big fan of using miscellaneous ingredients I have on hand to spice up dull recipes online. Don’t forget, no polished dish is complete without its very own selfie! Make your food feel pretty. Take pimped-up photos, preferably with leopard or zebra print backgrounds, and upload them to Instagram, shamelessly. Happily […]

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Pimp My Toast

Aside from being and artist and writer, I’m actually a pretty good cook. No, this isn’t a dating profile. 😉 I’m just excited to have something to do that I enjoy, that doesn’t involve alcohol. Cooking is a good sign that things are going in a positive direction for me and speaks volumes about my […]

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