It’s Official. Early Onset – Psycho.

Mom unleashed forgotten photos today. In it, I found pix from gradeschool trips, random snapshots of friends crushing on guys, church camp, Minnesota, the Marchwood clan, a daily journal from vacation at the beach with friends, and modeling pix I sent to John Stamos when I was 11 or so.

In my defense, I did get a postcard back from Stamos, which I kept locked up in my cashbox for years. After seeing these pix, I have no doubt he still thinks of me. 😉 I mean, afterall … I was dressed in a Moo-Moo.


My beach journal is proof that our art of luring in boys didn’t stop there:
8am: wake up, run. Think of boys.
10am: eat healthy and do 60 crunches. Think of boys.
11am: hit the boards and buy gifts for ourselves. Think of boys.
Noon: Lifeguards


It’s official. Early Onset – Psycho.

There is no hope for me.

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