Levitation – Raising the Dream

“The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.” Liz looked down at her phone, desperately trying to figure out how to text, “WAIT FOR ME,” to Chris. She had been in the interview process from the moment the sun rose ’til it set beyond the streets in some far-off land….


A short video brought to you by, TJOP. “It’s not the things we do in life that we regret. It’s the things we do not.” THE JOURNEY OF PURPOSE – PASSION

Lukewarm Love

Fuck room-temperature bananas. I want bananas fried in butter & brown sugar, caramelized with a flame thrower or I want frozen bananas dipped in chocolate & jimmies. The same applies for love; give me hot or cold, but never lukewarm.

The Brilliance in Goodbye.

Like the haunting brilliance held within a collapsing star that has witnessed the unfolding of billions of galaxies which have come before and that now bows gracefully out of existence, bringing a legendary performance to a close through the rise and fall of birth and death – I rest in silent stillness, soaking in the…

Ten Shillings & Sixpence

Ten shillings & sixpence was the price she paid that day, For sanity at the table and for the love she threw away. To love her is to fall through madness that will curse your tongues in vain, Saturated in a dose of tinctures and residue from the pain. The tea was poured hot, like…

Inner Pipsqueak.

I’m not really a big fan of sweets, but I have my moments. I have to say, it’s kinda nice to buy a big bag of candy reserved just for my inner pipsqueak. I would have saved some for the trick or treaters, but it’s all gone now. Sorry kiddos!