Mother of All Muses

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ~ John Muir

“You can travel anywhere you want, you just need a companion,” they would all say, as if they had forgotten I was a grown woman with a wild sense of direction and adventure.

Blame it on my past. We traveled all the time. And in my hurried pace, always ahead of my family on trails that led to imaginary worlds, I had my first taste of wanderlust.

And my appetite had become insatiable.


I suppose they instinctively knew the general plan was aimless, the last few years. But it was for good reason. A little thing they didn’t see was that that’s why I had this wild sense of direction and adventure. If you realize all roads connect, know that the journey is the key, understand that ‘home’ is where you are, and never set a destination … you can never be lost, frustrated or lonely.

“I would love nothing more, but if I wait for the perfect partner, I’ll be waiting for the rest of my life.”

And it’s true.

More than true.

And I don’t wait.

And I won’t wait.

If we fell victim to the fear and the cries of concern from those that assume they know us best, we’d never meet the mother of all muses – ourselves.

And maybe their fear speaks more about themselves, than it does about us. Maybe they are afraid of meeting themselves.

I know enough of love to know by now that in the end, its not just a matter of loving another. Ultimately, we are looking for a companion that shows us how to fall in love with ourselves. We are longing to see our reflection in another soul.

Face to face.

In the reflection of those we meet along the way. In the vastness of nature that mirrors our innermost desire and need for freedom. And in the sifting through ‘Cliff Notes’ of stories we weaved in our minds upon our initial exchange with the fullness of life and love and new friends.

If I wait, I’d never meet the companion they speak of, with whom I’m supposed to be traveling.

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