Hell Yeah!

It’s entirely too early to wake up this insanely jealous. I used to ritually post “Yes, Please” posts on Facebook, hoping that my visualization and desire would mix into somesort of magic potion that the Universe couldn’t deny. No such luck. They were usually gorgeous images of log cabins, tiny homes, nature, etc…

This one takes the fucking cake. Oh dear God, it brings back memories of my glory days in my lil’ cottage in the woods, complete with a monstrous stone fireplace that stood from floor to ceiling. And the comfy, cozy loft. An insanely beautiful yard. And windows. Jesus, the cottage was practically all windows.

I’ve been in this uninspiring apartment for about 5 months now. So, I guess it’s about time I clean my room, decorate and make the best of a not-so ideal situation. At least I can day dream and reignited my visualization techniques. The Universe can’t deny me twice.

I want, I want, I want.


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