Write On!

I am loving life today! One of my favorite experiences in life is when at just the moment you think you’ve got a set, practical plan for your future, life throws you an unexpected curve ball that fits you to a T. Today is that day.

Just 2 months ago, I was drowning in suds at the bar, declaring these epic plans to transform my life. I was going to move out West to enroll in school so I could get my Masters in Art Therapy. Safe. Secure. Practical.

But it’s not what sets my heart on fire. I love Art, but Writing is my weapon of choice and life experience and love are my muse. I will eventually get out West to further my education, but for now I’m stuck where I am.

As of today, I’m one step away from becoming a published author. By chance I decided to see if an online publication, that I adore and read daily, accepted short stories. They did and I immediately sent them off for submission. Why not? I have nothing to lose. I don’t get that much feedback here on wordpress and I’m still unsure as to why. So it’s hard for me to gauge how my stories stack up.

Well, the publication contacted me today about the two short stories I sent in and they were very well received. They loved them and said it was like reading chapters out of books. With a few revisions I should be golden! I’m beyond thrilled and it was totally unexpected, although I have been working really hard on this.

Maybe I have this starving artist thing down. Just maybe I can make a career out of it and live the rest of my life not only falling in love with the twists and turns of life and writing about the tales, but also inspiring others along the way to live their dreams and to savor every delicious moment life throws their way. A dream and it’s so close, I can taste it!

I’d like to thank two incredibly sexy and impassioned muses for inspiring me to write about our brief interactions, some with heavy doses of artistic license. You know who you are … you didn’t break my heart wide open for nothing. 😉

Writing about life is going to require me to participate in it, on its terms, and I think I’m more excited about that than the inspired stories that will come from surviving it all. Bring it on! This is the beginning of a fantastic end that even I couldn’t write. Thanks, life .. wink, wink. 😉

Work Hard. Play Harder. Savor Everything. And, Write On!

Here’s a lil’ premature celebratory music – BIRDS – SKINNY LOVE REMIX




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