Drunken Dream Catchers

Medusa’s on the table Dancing on Scarecrow’s brain, While Tin Man’s in the corner mending his heart, As the new girl before the mirror waits in vain. Paul Bunyan’s on the shelf Sowing his wild oats, As Babe the Blue Ox forges lakes, Where the loons can crack their jokes. Liquored up and saddled in, […]

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It’s days like today that I regret not fixing my transmission. God, I want to drive so bad it hurts. It is, hands down, my favorite thing to do in this world. If I had my car, I’d drive and never stop until I reached my Uncle’s cabin. It’s exactly where I need to be […]

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I walked home on the fence last night Between a lie and truth. I didn’t even gracefully walk it, Nor did I sit. In fact, I fell on my hands and knees With the weight of thousands of thoughts Running through my head. I’m bleeding. One more drop And I will jump to either side. […]

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Surrogate Lover.

I canceled my plans and I kissed him instead. Hard. Soft. Biting. Melting. Buckling knees. I gave in and I gave out, To the unbridled fury, Thoroughly enjoying the heat we shared. As two became one In a hot messy tongue-twisted affair. Sweaty palms. Unforgiving lips. Gyrating hips. Tangled hair. Untempered bodies. Two forces pressed […]

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Nut Job.

I’d like to introduce you all to my new best friend, Nut Job. He visits me everyday and reminds us all to keep being squirrely. Furiously collecting his winter stash, while balancing a social life and the task at hand…all while staying alive, is no simple feat. I’d offer him hazelnut coffee, but I’m afraid […]

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I couldn’t comprehend how Spring would bring new life when my heart was still buried in last September, decaying under the memories of you. But, Spring has come and gone and Autumn reigns again, bursting forth colorful displays that remind us all that there is beauty in the breakdown and life in letting go. Like […]

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