Touched with Fire

Here is the trailer for Touched with Fire. 

I have been down this road bout 4 times now, but always alone … until last year when I met someone whose flames intertwined with the passion and fury of my own. For a brief moment in time, we became one entity that caught on fire, swirling chaotically through our lives and the lives of those closest to us, like an upside-down tornado. But, as anyone knows, rarely do we see such ferocity laced with stamina nor do we see it without destruction.

A fire eventually burns out if not fed by a slow and steady billow. And, eventually, it burns everything in its path. In the end, sanity was the choice as it always is, not unlike the final choice in this movie, Touched with Fire. We are still close, but the memories of the passion and chaos remain distant as we recover into stability once again. The memories are just now resurfacing into tales within written works and art.

There is a different side to Bipolar mania and psychosis that not many movies or books seem to capture. Most usually focus on the detrimental aspects, recovery and rarely touch on the depth found within fascinating or delusional stories that saturate a manic break early on. There is artistic genius, unbridled passion and fever and zest for all aspects of life, that I have yet to see in movies or documentaries that explore Bipolar One Disorder. It’s frustrating because this is what I know of my condition. I don’t always see pain and suffering. I see beautiful stories unraveling from wild and untamed minds. There’s an unparalleled fever and courage found deep within each story, if we are brave enough to tell it.

It will be my life’s goal to tell my story and touch on stories of those I have met along the way. Because in that, I will find the healing I desperately seek … and maybe, just maybe, others will as well.

It’s worth a shot, because nothing will kill ya faster than an untold story brewing within.

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