My Dear Inarticulate Man,

The clock is ticking away as I lay here, thinking of ways to forget our electric encounters, My Dear Inarticulate Man. But I can’t, despite your endearingly sweet loss for words.

I say this with a giggle; there are other words besides beautiful, amazing or attractive. And, definitely words other than the brazen ‘hot,’ overused by immature boys.

But I’m speaking of a gentleman here. So, no boys allowed.

Eventually, a woman wants to know why you think they are beautiful. So, before I run off into the thousands of ways that you snared my heart from the start by simply saying the word, beautiful, I’d like to provide you with some vocabulary words that may peak our interest faster and snag us harder. Ya know, in the future. After me. If there is even an after me. 😉

For instance, maybe try the word, magnetic. Or, intelligent. Or perhaps, enigmatic. Always say, charming. Better yet, brave. And to seal the deal, use the term fascinating. What woman doesn’t want to be seen as fascinating? And what woman wouldn’t want to embody all of these sentiments over time, through the eyes and heart of the man for which she is falling?

But, My Dear Endearingly Inarticulate Man … there are so many ways to express the desires of your heart, without saying one word, that speak volumes.

And that. That right there. Is what drew me in. And that. That right there. Is why I see your loss for words as completely irresistible.

In between the split-second it took for your head to collapse on the table, as you glanced at me with the sweetest puppy dog eyes I think I’ve ever seen, and the moment you stammered, “God, you’re beautiful” – there was a sigh. In between these two moments, hung a beautiful release, signaling complete and utter surrender and defeat that was suspended in a breath you had been holding in for too long.

Your agony couldn’t have been any clearer, nor could your expression of it have been more genuine. Enough to melt the ice right off my chiseled heart. Immediately.

My Dear Inarticulate Man, keep doing what you do.

Turn your head toward mine, across the way, and freeze until a coy smile forms delicately across your face and spreads to your unrelenting gaze.

Wink. Flirtatiously. As you lick and playfully bite your lips.

Meet my gaze and allow your eyes to wander to and from my lips. Dance around my face, but always come back to the lips before returning to meet my eyes.

Wrap you arms delicately around my shoulders as you whisper into my ear.

Graze your fingers across my palms as you compare our hands.

Come closer and rest your knees against mine so I can feel your nervous warmth as you spill honeyed-love and desire into the deepest corners of my bloodstream.

With yearning, lean into this moment, suspended thick in the air that hangs between the magnetism of our burning souls.

Allow the chills running up your spine to arch your back as we inhale one another.

Stall. Hold my eyes in yours with the look of fear and desire melting into one. Stall again before breaking our gaze with a deep exhale.

Build the fire within the chemistry between us and let it literally unravel us. Let it have its way. Let it devour, destroy and dismantle us.

My Dear Inarticulate man, your words are few, but you have a way of speaking all your own that lets me know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you genuinely believe I’m so very much more than …




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