Dear Mental Health Practitioners,

Note to mental health care practitioners…..pain is not pathology. Grief, anger, happiness and exuberance for life goals are NOT pathology. These are normal states in every human and to deny your so-called patients of this, with the only solution being medication, is absolutely absurd. I’m so sick and tired of feeling like I have to […]

Webs of Crimson

“You have to do this!”, her sister’s scream trailed off through the dust cloud billowing a veil between them. It was too late, her sister had been taken, snatched up before she had a chance to say goodbye. The stone cut like glass shards beneath her skin and the dust, like poison, as she gasped […]

Sometimes, Like Wildfire.

If you want to help someone going through a spiritual or mental health crisis, here’s a good starting point…it is better than I can put into words right now, because I just need to vent and get something off my chest, which I rarely do anymore, below: I’ve felt like a fraud since the […]


“Wow, tell me what it’s like,” she prodded, poking him in the ribs. He snuck a glance at her and smirked, “What?” “To sit here day after day, sipping on pints full of terrible decisions, with the best one you never made … sitting right in front of you,” she cheered raising her glass to […]

Trick of the Mind.

“I know you’re aching, but there’s greatness brewing inside of your suffering, ya know,” she said with a flick of her cigarette as they rounded the bend in the road toward their first stop. “How’s that?” “Only the great have the courage to reach the depths of hell,” she replied, darting her eyes at his […]

Lone Delusion.

It wasn’t full. Not yet. Almost as a forewarning, the crescent moon grew as it slipped behind the birch trees off in the distance. As his words billowed through the atmosphere, encircling her, she took a drag from her cigarette and let the sheet that draped her body slide to the floor, revealing nothing but […]