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  1. darie73 says:

    I agree. Unfortunately monsters have louder voices, bigger audiences, and do not worry about how they are perceived. So they win, for years. I will 44 in January. I have been fighting the polite way since I was 35/36 without seeing any progress. I’ve seen things get worse. I’ve been treated worse. Some have called me a “Monster” just by learning my diagnosis. I won’t become one but I will give them something to think about before they “label” anyone else again.

    1. OnTheRocks says:

      Amen. I have to remind myself daily of this, because I spent about 2 solid years becoming the monster I fight. Even on here. I would abuse my abusers and fight those closest to me. It got me nowhere but 302’d and humiliated. They one that round. I’m just now seeing how I can better stand up and voice myself in such a way that is understood, received and heard. I reacted very strongly and out of years and years of pent up anger. Sometimes, I have to just sayet a few short words laced with truth that hits them like an arrow and move on. Even from family. Some had a choice in how they walked away from me and I realized that I have that choice, too.

      In the end, anger, rage and becoming that monster has gotten me nowhere fast. I can’t turn back time or take back what I said and it doesn’t mean it was fair to chastise me so harshly for that which they spew out daily. But I can choose to fight from a different angle or not at all. I’m learning that I just don’t have energy left for those who will never change. Yet, I’m the one ‘that will never change.’

    2. OnTheRocks says:

      Most people choose to see in others what they see in themselves anyway. I try to keep that in mind.

      1. darie73 says:

        It’s difficult spending your entire life in the shadows. It always felt like an invisible hand was over my mouth. It’s one of the many reasons I liked/loved drinking.

      2. OnTheRocks says:

        Being silenced in any way can be a killer.

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