Think, Before It’s Illegal.

I don’t know. I think spending this overcast day nestled in socks, blankets and gloves my family bought me for Christmas is a good idea while I write stories. While listening to the Amelie soundtrack. Somehow, this scenario brings me back to the days I was like her, on the streets and hanging out with the most interesting homeless men I’ve met in my life, when I needed socks, blankets and gloves most. They still smiled. Toothless. So, shall I. So, shall I.

We cracked wild jokes about God and Satan and all things conspiracy. Good times. Truly, I do hope they’re well. I kinda sorta miss it. It’s amazing the freedom you have when government and religion aren’t involved and you can actually think for a change.


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  1. Jeff Cann says:

    Those of us with checkered pasts… Is it right to romanticize rock-bottom? I struggle with this all the time. In general, I was a very happy person when I was partying all the time. I was confident, popular, and unconcerned about anything important. I read a lot of Stephen King. From time to time, he’ll do this. Make a comment implying that he misses his drug days. And I find myself agreeing. But at the same time, I won’t go back. Just some random thoughts on your post over coffee. Peace.

    1. OnTheRocks says:

      I was manic, psychotic even during this time…I was living in a shelter where I befriended many homeless people who chose to live that way. There was no partying for us then, just people making the best of bad situations. Good question though…it all depends if you want to put yourself back into the moment or not…it’s a bit dangerous….and what kind of message are we sending if we do romanticize our sketchy pasts?

    2. OnTheRocks says:

      I tend to romanticize much of my manic spells…well, it’s not even romanticizing so much as putting myself right back into the mindset I was in at the time. I’m doing it to recreate the stories for myself for an actual project I’m working on. I try to tell about the alcoholism at it is.

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