Only You.

She woke me beneath my dreams and said you came once more,

To leave a suicide note that you slipped beneath my door.

“Too late,” I thought, as she repeated your name to me.

I saw the letters I wrote you, torn and tatter-free;

Preserved in guilt and shame, written for her to read …

To break the chains that bound, and a demand for me to take the lead.

Despite your conquests that came before,

Left for the woman who held your truest words behind this broken door.

Sedation wore off, as your words sifted through my mind,

and panic set in when I ran to the man I could not find.

The rain fell through our lips as we seared our pain with grace.

Ghosts at best, I felt us here, but you vanished without a trace.

Fists broke glass as the rain poured down, and slid on through …

The man who never left … and made a promise for only you.

(Dream 1/13/17)

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