1,000 Years & Waiting.


There’s a Captain in his stance,

And a Heathcliff in his hook,

A Darcy in his silence,

And a Casanova in his look.

There’s a Queen in her grace,

And a Cinderella in her bones,

A tiger in her temper,

And a lover in her tone.

They met beyond the tracks

Where God wrapped a veil around the moon,

Decades between the first glance

And the song that sung their tune.

1,000 years and waiting …

That’s everything you did for me.

1,000 years and waiting …

For her to finally see,

The boy behind the front

And the man before the storm

The one who’d do anything

Just to keep her warm.

Beneath the shadows and before the light,

They took to the open road,

Where grace lay awake at night

Caressing their hearts until they glowed.

Under the bridge and over the moon,

They left without a trace.

Speaking of the past before them

And a future that held their place.

1,000 years she has loved him,

As he cast his net for the fall,

1,000 years you’ve loved her,

Breaking down her walls.

Love is patient and love is kind,

But passion saturates their skin,

As they embrace as one,

Seeing virtue instead of sin.

They collide in gratitude

As their characters take the stage.

For all is fair in love and war,

And it’s written on this page.

Not bound by rules of fancy

Or constraints within a box;

1,000 years and waiting,

Their chance to turn back the clock.


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