Will You Be?

Will you be the ground I walk on

When the sun sets in the West?

When the travelers have set sail

And I’ve said goodbye to all the rest?

Will you be the one that holds me steady

When I’m tired of feeling strong,

When my independence cracks

And my desire for your love longs?

Will you be the leaf that nestles

As it falls at my feet?

The one that comes to life in me

And grows when it hears our hearts beat?

Will you be the man that saves me

When I’ve gone too far?

The one who requests me

In tune to the wayward stars?

Will you be the hand

That breaks my fall

When I’ve scraped my knees

And given it my all?

Will you be my muse

And inspire me within?

The one that treasures me

And knows me as your twin.

Will you be the moon

In my darkest nights,

The ones where I’ve lost my way

And where I’ve given up the fight?

Will you be the cool breeze

That saturates my breath

When all the rest have burnt me

And prepared me for my death?

Will you be the fire

That crackles in the cold?

The flames that grow and whistle

Through passions yet untold?

Will you be the iron horse

When the rest whittle to their bones?

The one that charges our energy

And reveals the love that’s shown?

Will you be the foundation

For dreams I’ve held so dear?

For a vibrant future

Where all I want is you to be near?

Will you be my mirror

When I’ve forgotten my reflection?

The one that sees you in me

And desires my affection.

Will you stay for a while

And not let go,

‘Til the last days on stage

As the curtains close the show?

Will you be my man

And stay until we part?

The one that sweeps me off my feet

And bestills this beating heart?


Will you be?


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