Meant To Be, Cont…

“Together Forever…”

Doodles of a love just beyond reach, drenched his notebook in highschool.

He knows the day we met, down to its’ zero hour – that moment when everything that came before it is different from everything that comes after.

I remember.

He asked me out every day for an entire year, but I was otherwise ‘taken.’ He broke up with his long-time girlfriend, senior year, to ask me to Prom.

But he chickened out.

And I never knew that I was #1 all this time.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because, quite frankly, he deserved my very best and I was not prepared at the ripe age of 15. Neither was he.

We were kids, wholely self-absorbed and unaware of that which would transpire decades later.

When we were ready.

When God said, “NOW.”

“Stay Tuned to Hear What Happens Next …”

Words detailing a love now within reach, saturated hand-written love letters, almost 23 years later.


Hand-written love letters.

He brought back the art and rekindled what was once just a dream.

Now grown, fully aware and unapologetically ourselves, we are ready to receive.


Art portraying words I can’t speak, strewn across my kitchen table tonight.

The only way I knew how to respond – through coffee stains, charcoal and cray-pas.

I remember the past.

I look forward to the future.

But I know all we have is NOW. He is my NOW.

The future is simply a culmination of these fleeting moments, unraveled and laid before us.

And, we’re making the best of it.


“I Had a Dream…”

After my heart & honeycomb drawing, I sat down in the living room where I zoned out or nodded off for a split second. In a flash, a vision came to me of the daylight seeping through the open door out back, where my drawing lies tonight. In flew a bee, hovering around the drawing and light until it gently landed on me.

He had a dream where we had an apartment, child and something we’d given up on until we met again –

A happily ever after.

To say I am hyper-vigilant when it comes to dreams, visions, third-eye phenomenon and the collective unconscious, is an understatement. It’s a gift, and I’m sure he’s on the verge of discovering his.

I looked up the bee landing on me…just out of sheer curiosity.

A bee landing on you
Dreaming of a bee hovering over you and eventually landing on a part of your body is a symbol of everlasting love. Either you have found the one or you would soon find someone who would complete you and be the other source of your mutual happiness and unconditional love. You were destined to become one in body and spirit. You would promise to remain faithful and committed to each other until the end.

Bees also indicate fertility and in real life, they can sense pregnancy, often hovering around the female’s belly.


“To Be Cont…”

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