Creative Vibes.

I’ve been MIA for months it feels. Here’s a brief update on what’s been happening in my world.

Long story short, I’m manifesting and creating again! And, for once, things are falling into place ever so smoothly and beyond my wildest dreams.

There is a Firebird Festival in town in December and I was accepted as a vendor this year to sell my artwork, so I’m knocking out 1 piece per day to get ready. The festival surrounds the mythology of the phoenix. The community comes together and build an enormous wooden phoenix for 2 months and we burn it down at the end of the night during the festival. Fire dancers, music, great food, artists, parade, etc…it’s quite a show! I’ll be sure to take photos.

Below are some pieces I have been working on to sell. I have yet to figure out pricing, but I do know I’ll frame each original and have prints for cheaper cost if people want them.

I came up with a super awesome idea for signing my pieces. Hate the way my real signature looks, so I usually sign the back. Well, I was sitting here in the witching hours, and I decided to see what my voice looked like in sound waves, on an app. Turns out it’s pretty friggin’ cool looking. So, I began to record my name and the name of the piece and drew that out of echoed piece. Super simple, yet effective solution!









For the booth display, I plan to have a black tent. From that tent will hang vibrantly painted palettes on 3 sides. From those palettes will hang my artwork. I will have Christmas Tree Lot lights cascading through the center of the tent to illuminate the space and spotlights on either side to highlight the opposite wall. On one side, I will have a display for prints and a table for purchase and marketing material. I’m thinking of making temporary tattoos for the kiddos, free of charge of course!

Sounds extravagant, but it’s really all done on a very tight budget. I’m buying all frames and canvas at Good Will and second hand stores. I’m buying all clearance paints and relying on friends to help me contsrtuct the hanging mechanisms and set up the display itself.

Here is my lil brainstorm collage and (terrible) sketch of the space.



I have put myself out on instagram (renewedontherocks). And on facebook. I will be creating a page and new artist site in a month. In that time, I’ve gained purchasers and someone reached out me just yesterday to tell me she wants me to be the artist for her latest novel cover. May entail more, only time will tell!

In this time,I have met some pretty awesome folks! Writers, mostly. Wickedly talented. I could not have asked for a better tribe during this time in my life. All good things! Law of attraction and raising that vibe!

On top of this awesome opportunity to show my work and sell, I am going to be volunteering at a new open fabrication studio that is opening up in October! It is a space for the community to gather to learn new artistic skills, such as welding, book making, print making, fine art, pipe making, robotics, inventing, etc. Sounds flippin’ awesome, right?! Well, it is! And I jumped on board immediately. Super excited to start working with these creative geniuses.

Other than that, I am dedicated to writing my book, detailing the ins and outs of my spiritual journey through psychosis, bipolar and alcoholism. So far, it’s been so rewarding. Very challenging, but in the best way. I am chopping this up into short chapters. Mind benders, dreams and reality. All so closely intertwined, it leaves the reader wondering what was real and what was not! If you have time, check some teasers out on my front page here. I’ve nailed down chapters 1-4 so far. Easy reads.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now! I’m staying away from the booze and have no desire for it because my passions are out weighing any craving, which is rare. I would not be able to get anything done otherwise. Fact.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my work. You’re so appreciated and you rock!


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