Remember the Rainbows.

I just want to share a message I received out of the blue by someone who had no idea at the time what was going on in my life and the lives of those I love with all my heart. The universe has a way of showing showing us how adored we really are. In the most serendipitous ways. Out of the blue.

God bless you, Wil Liam. Much love to you.

Remember the Rainbows

You can’t go through life the way you choose….
You can only choose the way you allow life to go through you; the way it is.
We can’t change the rain, we can only dump the rain gauge.
A river does not choose the water.
The valley is created by the slow migration of sediment.
A tree, long rotted to nothingness is still responsible for the log jam that caused the river to re-route.
The polished pebbles all used to be jagged rocks; the flow of the river changed them.
We are more than pretty pebbles.
Life is more than a bend in the river.
We are a whole watershed, some parts never explored but all contributing; sometimes lifes deluge floods us… other times its drought makes us rely on unseen springs.
Those trees that block our path, grew upon our banks and were undercut by our current; or a beaver, acting as angels or demons.
But in the end life comes and goes.
Life flows.
We are not any one thing, we are the totality in motion.
Let it flow.
Build sand castles on your banks.
And let the shadows dapple upon the rippled reflection.
And bathe in the depths of your soul.
And remember where the rain comes from.
Look for the Rainbows.
Build your bridges.
Smile and be happy.
Drink lots of good water.
Let life flow through you, cleanse you inside and out.
Reality is composed of nouns and verbs… consciousness is composed of adjectives and adverbs.
Life happens but our perception defines it… or as “The Man who Shook Spears” wrote
“Nothing is either good nor bad but thinking makes it so.”
So pick out your boots and carry an umbrella.
And go dancing in the rain.
Be blessed by the holy waters from heaven.
And remember that if your valley is polluted, you can’t eat the fish.
And meandering is the path of lease resistance and its the scenic route.
&that not every dam is a prison.
& not every log is a bridge.
& beware of lumberjacks who think they know how to fix you.
& just wiggle your toes in the shifting sand, and hold your umbrella upside down to sip the good stuff that comes straight from the gods.
And be happy when the conditions are right.
Sometimes its cloudy.
Sometimes its raining.
Sometimes its sunny.
Sometimes its hot.
And sometimes there is a rainbow.
Remember the Rainbows.
They are lovenotes from the devine.
And smell the flowers that fill the meadow…
Cut flowers just aren’t the same.
Live where ever you may be, and be happy unless you ain’t.
And if you ain’t happy…
Its up to you to change things until you are happy enough to get happier.
So be happiest.
And love your self enough to let other love you too.
We are not statues nor machines.
Life has purpose.

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