Stop the Train! Red-Light District Rage.

Wow. Mini epiphany just now. It’s no wonder people don’t know what I’m talking about half the time. I’m trying to really practice slowing down, balance and awareness of my thought process. I just consciously back-tracked through about 30-60 seconds of my train of thought, and I wasn’t quite sure why I did, until now….

Pain is Not Pathology.

Beautiful. I’m in awe. “At times, you may be asked to sit with another who has been touched by the darkness. To allow them to fall apart in your arms, to unravel, to be without hope, and to feel lost. You may sense there is some sort of wisdom unfolding, but it is chaotic, groundless,…

Loud & Clear – An Open Letter.

In living color,
Our story was centuries in the making,
Masters of ecstasy,
They are shamans,
Called by spirits to heal bodies, minds, and souls,
And their numbers are growing.

The Myth of the Chemical Imbalance.

“I don’t believe I have ever heard a knowledgeable, well-trained psychiatrist make such a preposterous claim [that patients have a chemical imbalance], except perhaps to mock it…In truth, the ‘chemical imbalance’ notion was always a kind of urban legend—never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.” –Ronald W. Pies, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, the State University of New York and Tufts University School of Medicine.

Dear Heart,

Dear Heart, You are going to learn to respect me one way or another. I wake up from nightmares of animals attacking me, panicked because I know there will be something new that I’m doing wrong, or being accused of. I had a terrible week and you simply made it that much worse. Nothing has…


Did you know that Xfinity has this convenient little option to add GAIA – Original films, shows, and mindful practices to empower your conscious life? SUBSCRIBED. Like, yesterday! I normally do not watch much TV at all, but this I can definitely get behind! Happy Belated Birthday to me! “Gaia is the name of the…

My Circus. My Monkeys.

Our world is a sneaky, slithering and majestic circus, made up of all the things we’ve thought and allowed in our ring. Remember that. Gather those embers and burn my heart in two. Bare your teeth and make my words spill through. Your hatred for me only attracts love. It’s been magnetized by the strength from above. You know you won’t win when…

Bypassing Pathology. Kundalini – Chaos & Completion.

Not everything is as it seems. I never once fell into these unorthodox sites, spiritual ideas and dynamically brilliant people that have led me ‘home‘, by chance. I did not just adopt my views this way because it sounded nice or fed some ego-driven and insatiable need to win a gold star from the Gods….