Culinary Cleavage – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Cooking for a Cause.

Killin’ two birds with one stone…raising awareness (and some eyebrows, I’m sure) and finally getting around to sending those Booby Grams that I always denied my (let’s just say, overly enthusiastic) fans. I have the stamps ready in the form of Pink Ribbons.

Two Valid Points – For a Good Cause. Wait for it … New Series Brewing this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They say the fastest way to a man’s heart. Let’s turn heads. Stay tuned..this is just a tease.


Would you like Satin with your Filet Mignon? Black Lace with your Vietnamese Lemongrass Dish? White Lace with your Wedding Cake? Raw with your Vegan Spread? Olive Oil with your Pizza? Coconuts with your Curry? Two Jugs of Milk with those Oreos? Perhaps a Sports Bra with that Wholesome Turkey Sandwich.

Seems as though everything is à la carte these days, so take your pick and let’s do this. Fight like a girl!

Donations coming soon in honor of Mom.


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