Hypomanic Sugar Cubes | Catch the Buzz, Week 3 in Review.

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As the weeks go by, and I collect my instagram posts from each week, into one post, I see a psychological blueprint being formed. Where was my head at? It’s pretty interesting to see the outcome and I am sure it will bring memories flooding back a year from now.

This week was a tough one. I was left emotionally raw and terribly exhausted after an upswing of cheerful and creative energy in the months before. I am not sure exactly what the trigger was, but I do know what finally broke me.

I find it difficult to continue on fighting a hidden battle, and for a cause that I am passionate about, if people continously choose not to hear or get angry over. This was brought to the light on a few occasions this week.

Yet, I am reminded, as I express my frustration, that there will always be at least one person who not only needs to hear what I have to say, but wants to.

I keep a log now. It is a log of positive feedback from the writing community and conscious community. I have already inspired a handful, as they have been soul food for me as well. Words cannot express how grateful I am to hear them chime in with feedback, dialogue and words of encouragement and even…Thank You’s.

On the flip end… it can be a cold, competitive world out there sometimes. And I fought hard with my mind over resentments, rage and sadness all week long. Some new, many old. I fought hard against the system in my own way and that is sure to exhaust the bravest of hearts.

It was purely a mental and emotional battle this week, as it is plain to see in the designs and writings below, whereas, weeks prior were more light hearted. It is my way of creatively keeping tabs on my psychological state and keeps me aware.












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