All I remember was slurring words and hyperventilating, and I wasn’t even drinking yet. First came the demonic slurs and then came the hyperventilating and crying deep, guttural cries from depths I was unaware existed. I don’t…or, rather, I didn’t even believe in demonic forces, although I believe whole heartedly in light. I’m not religious […]


Divine intervention met me between the two coasts, on the edge of reason, sitting on the fence between a paycheck and my wildest dreams come true. Yet, I sat. Am I stupid? No. I’m calculated. I see the biggest picture. Not bigger. Biggest. It takes many steps, one further still and two behind yet. Many […]

You Needn’t.

You don’t understand. In your misunderstanding, I sought out validation that these people came into my life for my highest good, so please, go ahead – misunderstand me. You needn’t censor me. In your censorship, I found my voice, so please, go ahead – censor me. You needn’t feel apathy toward me. In your apathy, […]

There’s No Place Like Home – Cinderella & The Wizard of Oz; a Love Story.

Dream | 11•17 He was a terrorist and said my face was ugly. My selfie didn’t look like me. I think that’s where the fire began to simmer the pot and I boiled over, not even realizing everyone was watching, especially Rob. But Rob wasn’t in the lead anymore, not in The Sound of Music […]

Trains of Thought – Chasing Euphoria.

Chasing Euphoria – Excerpt | 6•15 Have you ever tried to catch up to a really good dream? One that’s written before you like the proverbial carrot on a stick? Literally? Chasing after one is like doing a backflip in the mind though, so beware. You end up right back where you started and in most cases, a […]

Parallel Universe “Me” Kicks Ass!

I’ll tell ya what! Parallel Universe “Me” is kickin’ some serious ass! My dreams are off the hook lately and thoughts become things, so I fully expect to find home, queendom, kingdom, and greener grass. I expect reconciliation with a side of sticky, entertaining love. All set to the Sound of Music. Some day, beyond the […]