Q&A – Do Meds Help?

I could have said it better, I am sure of this, however, for the sake of time and simply allowing my words to flow, uninhibited, I responded as best I could to a question spurred on by my Art Therapy. I am no Shaman, however, maybe one in training. We are all learning and no one really knows all the answers, but there are those of us with decades of personal experience within the realm of spiritual crisis, emergencies, psychosis and/or mental illness. *Responses are personal accounts, only.

Question: What phase were you in when you created this were you able to balance yourself thru art? Thank you for sharing.

Response: Yes, I was. 🙂 I was stable…a little hypo, but stable. In mania, I’m much too rushed to focus on art like this. In depressive states, I can’t even begin trying. I use art as therapy…it’s a meditative process for me.

QuestionDo meds help? I recently read natural approach to bipolar and the doc started with hydration. Half body weight in oz of water.

Response: Wow, I’ve never run into a traditional psychiatrist that actually recommended natural alternatives.

I really cannot answer this question for anyone.

I have whittled my medication down to one med. Although, most in my ‘care’ team, don’t agree with me … I personally believe that this med is of no use. About 2 years ago, I was forced to take meds, seek psychiatric care, etc … under an IOC (involuntary outpatient committment) for 9 months after a string of terrible institutionalized 302’s due to mania and what many call, a spiritual crisis or emergency. That was the third time this happened.

Due to my living situation, I have to take some sort of medication. Even if it weren’t for these circumstances, I’d very, very slowly ween myself off, as an abrupt change will, and has caused psychosis in myself and others. It’s just too dangerous and a literal mind fuck.

It was not always this way for me. I was perfectly vibrant, stable and self sufficient since college, up until my first psychosis. Then came the meds, and quite literally, everything went downhill from there…to depths I never could have fathomed.

Meds in my eyes for treating something I consider to be spiritual in nature are detrimental. My mother suffered kidney failure due to Lithium Toxicity and had to have a transplant at the very last minute. She was lucky. I say that because there are countless others that do not make it, including suicide…etc. Countless lives lost, both physically and spiritually.

This is simply my opinion. I can’t answer that for anyone or say what works or what does not. All I know, is that when I’m able to part ways from this system, all bets are off and I will seek out alternative care…as I have already begun to do…reconnecting with my shamanic therapist, support groups, etc…that fit my lifestyle, beliefs and values. I will be saying goodbye to meds at some point.

Many never understood that 2 of my psychosis were directly influenced by abrupt withdrawal and/or malpractice. They (the system) do not like to hear this though, they refuse. Absolutely refuse. It is a fight I have fought tooth and nail…literally…very literally…a fight too big for one person alone. Strength in numbers. The more evidence, support, and knowledge about this issue and alternative care, the better the arguement.

This is why I joined here, and Shades of Awakening and other sites like New Light Beings…because I needed answers, validation and healing.

Medication has simply made me ill. In every single way. Side effects, spiritual deaths, tremendous weight gain, lack of motivation and exercise, suicidal thoughts and plans, depression and the list goes on.

So, long story short, my real healing comes from support and validation, purpose, drive, art, music, and writing. These are my key ingredients for self care through this ongoing journey. I was desperately seeking healing and understanding. The system, in my eyes, has yet to provide that to me in any way. And I’ve witnessed and been personally affected since birth.

I’ve run into a handful of mental health workers, advocates, etc… with amazing intentions and success, but in the end, the traditional view on mental illness holds me back and stunts my spiritual growth.


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