Mental Health Break.

What a refreshing day and night. Rare for me, as most days I’m stuck alone in my head aside from Facebook and in a virtual safe haven, amongst new friends.

I had a Mental Health Meeting with my care team about my status, goals and expectations. I wrote them a letter approximately a week ago about how I saw mental health, my recovery and how others close to me saw and advocated for me. They said it was the most beautifully written self advocacy letter they’ve read. Although, I did take my sweet time with this letter, I wasn’t trying to make it beautiful, although it was nice to hear; I was trying to get my points across.

Needless to say, points taken and validated and vice versa. Overall, it was a great meeting. No harm done. I didn’t throw my hands up in the air in frustration and walk out the door while slamming it, so points for me!

Then, I had one of my best friends, who has been there for me since day one and encourages me to write this book…in fact, she was the first to see my story as a book / screenplay and pushed me in all positive ways. We rarely see one another, like we had in the past. She was my walking buddy and we’d walk for hours 3x per week at least, back when I was fit. Nothing but calm, laughter and light-hearted conversation.

I am participating in a firebird festival and displaying my artwork for sale, in December. We sat down and brainstormed ideas for cheaper, more practical, yet creative, ways to display my work. She’s like my marketing guru and has experience in Trade Show Design.

We settled on birch tree poles, anchored in tree stands, that have a sheet of chicken wire stapled between them, from which I can hang my work. Then I’ll string lights on the tent rafters above. Not only will it look chic, it’s inexpensive and it’s easy to transport.

So, fun day and night all around. Tomorrow, another best friend is coming over and we are feasting on bacon-wrapped chestnuts, dips, and pasta. It’ll be nice to have someone cook for once. It’s a welcomed surprise, because I’m tired after my month-long Swedish Chef Fest.

Then, Sunday, my sister, who is mentally challenged, is coming to visit for a few hours and lunch. She’s been begging to come visit for months.

Great weekend…best in a long time. It’s refreshing to get my mind off of recovery and mental health and just participate in life again.

Here’s a silly little sketch of what my friend and I came up with tonight.



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