You Needn’t.

You don’t understand. In your misunderstanding, I sought out validation that these people came into my life for my highest good, so please, go ahead – misunderstand me.

You needn’t censor me. In your censorship, I found my voice, so please, go ahead – censor me.

You needn’t feel apathy toward me. In your apathy, I found empathy for those in need and for my own worth. I’m interested and concerned for a reason and I thrive, so please, go ahead – feel apathy.

You needn’t feel resentful of me. In your resentment, I found a way to escape my jealousy of you and free myself of ego and soul ties that held me back for eons, so please, go ahead – and be resentful.

You needn’t feel rage toward me. In your rage, I mustered up all the counteractive love I could for myself and became the light I am to others now, so please, go ahead – be rageful.

You needn’t judge me. In your judgment, I sought out validation from sources beyond your reach because you play God. I know I am God, therefore I needn’t play, so please, go ahead – judge me.



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  1. Reblogged this on Humorous and commented:
    I loved it so much I cried.

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