Do ghosts, angels and alien life exist? Yes. We see it. It happens because everything occurs in real time, at once. Past, present future. In one instant. It’s almost as if there isn’t even a full day. It is literally right now. In every second, we are literally haunting ourselves, if this is to be true. Our future selves, our present selves and our past selves.

I believe in reincarnation and I believe wholeheartedly that we are all here in one moment together as one. We just don’t fully see it yet. Not even I can fully see it. Maybe I am the last to know. I don’t have every answer and I never did.

That being said, this is how I do things in the meantime. I never did rely on one source of information. Such as the bible. It isn’t all truth. Literally. It is not the Word of God because it is not all-inclusive. Period. There is truth in everything we’ve ever read, hear and see, envision and learn. Everything from Greek mythology to the end times and beyond.

I mean it quite literally when I say, God is incomprehensible and cannot and will not be confined to ONE book or box. Absolutely no way in hell. I say this because not even I can be confined to ONE book or box. And neither can you.

Get me?

I grab the essence of each religion, philosophy I can muster, and I Run. I hide. I digest. I eat my words. Your words. I hear things and see things and I wonder…who wrote it all? Then I emerge from my cocoon and speak my truth and your truths in a new way. Everything is written in between the lines.

So much more to learn and discover. It’s blows my mind.

I for one have witnessed with my own eyes and ears in the past two weeks – divine love from the light through a medium…literally spoke with my grandparents, the earth shifting on its axis, planets aligning, divine shamnic healing via reiki, hauntings, ghosts, northern lights, aliens ships spying on me, the walking dead, animals who literally have voices, signs, visions beyond recognition, past present, epic proposals, epic performances, epic love, joy and happiness, tears, levitation…literally … and I do see the future.

And it’s gonna be amazing.

But I cannot do it alone.

This is teamwork.

As predicted the sirens are sounding…it we have the ears to hear them. I hear them loud and clear.

All over the world, signs are being seen. I know you see them.

I have created a personal heaven and hell with my voice, my truth, my dreams, my visions, my third eye, my paintings, my words, music and the proof is written everywhere on everyone’s pages, everyone’s words, music, perspectives, etc… We are all here in one moment of time.

God exists because you do.

Make it time well-spent.

No one will be lost in the end.

Be careful what you wish for and I will follow suit. Your truth is powerful beyond measure.

And do not let a soul tell you otherwise.

This will all will be well, if you believe it to be so.

Once you have reached this level of understanding, not much can harm you but your own expectations.

Baby steps.

Live your truth. Live it how you chose it…loud and proud or meek and mild…preferably somewhere in between.


There is a field between rightdoing and wrongdoing and I will meet you there.

Moderation for ALL.

In the end, things swirl into a colorful mixture of rainbow colored light, after the lids are blown off pyramids with beams of white and violet rays. I won’t disclose further, but as I said before, be on point….mark my words…we are going places.

I may have a bit of a cold, but I am healing every day. I literally take on your pain, every day.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I will sacrifice.

But I too, must heal 100% to move forward and I deserve to.

In the end it begins and ends with you. Look back, look now, look beyond. It is all here. Always was.

Do something far beyond reach today.

Just for today.

Be Epic.

Do you.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Gail Mackler says:

    I’m with ya, Lizzie! Good one. XO

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