My Addiction.

Hey You, with the shallow, hollow eyes; the ones that tear us under and that fill us up with lies.

I’ll miss you between the pages of the time we’ve spent before; the time where you gave me nightmares of the hate that we once wore.

Hey You, with the nails that run on through; the last latch that split us into two.

I’ll miss you between the lines that run through all; the lines that unraveled the scroll before our final fall.

Hey You, with the teeth that cling to the fibers that run us down; they told me we once were lost, now found.

I’ll miss you out beyond the great big blue of days we traveled there; when we drop the dreams and the stop signs stop, the tricks get tricked, we will ask where?

Hey You, to the demons that led me to the TOP; I’ll carry you with me until you finally yell ENOUGH! STOP!

I’ll love you when I’m looking back on you from the mountain top, dancing on your bones; a place I can no longer say I’m with you all alone.

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