The Raven’s Last Call.

The Raven’s Last Call. Do you know what it’s like for the raven to speak? The one who’s really locked in confusion at what you thought was your peak. Do you know what it’s like to be awoken at dawn to have the questions be asked of why you came and to have your blood […]

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My Husband Licks It.

Went to see Sondre three times at the World Cafe in Philly. Why, silly? Because, I’m his world’s biggest fan, Dan. He’s my husband, and so is everyone else. Surprised? Compromise. Pick it to Lick it! After the show, Lerche some Merch. Encore!

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Written October 2017. “All of you have been coming through what you would see to be challenges, the narrow part of the hourglass, the bit of squeezing. It is a place of gifting, but it does not always feel as a gifting. It is a place where there will be clarity about priorities, about what […]

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