Passion Pit.

I know I need to write tonight and I’m not sure where this will go. I’m in the mix, a cocktail that’s a little less than straight up whiskey and a little more than the bottom of the bottle.

I need to release some tears, but they won’t flow like the daily reminders I get from everyone pulling my arms in two directions.

I wasn’t meant to be pulled. I was meant to be pushed. Encouraged. Inspired. And, dare I say, Higher. To the ends of the earth I followed you.

My day has come.

Some days, I wish that the cord would fray and let me fall once more. At the bottom of the passion pit, there is a permeable membrane, not unlike a trampoline. Not many know to its secret because not many fall into landslide and dare to fall that hard.

I tell you this, if you are wise enough and an old enough soul…brave enough…crazy enough to keep your eye on the prize as you sink into the flipside of your pillow and trip down the endless black hole of stars and galaxies, you will eventually reach rock bottom.

The membrane is a curse and a blessing. As I said before, it’s permeable. Thus, one can sink lower than rock bottom. Did you ever dare to think beyond it? Scary thought, right?

However, if you did, the same goes for catapulting yourself back out from a solid thump on the springs of truth. You will soar beyond this universe.

Did anyone ever, ever, ever dare to think beyond God as we understand this mysterious divine force? The divine feminine and the divine masculine, serenading and swaying to the tunes of the tango in which they take first place. Gold.

My mouth is made of metal. I don’t owe you a goddamn thing and neither does anyone else. I choose whom I desire to hand over my time and space.

Let these words be written on our retina of our third eye.

Even if we permeate the bottom and fall through, life comes full circle and we begin again at the top. Start to finish.

This goes for anything in life.

To infinity and beyond.

You will meet yourself, health and wealth there. Time and time again.

Begin Again.

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  1. bambam415 says:

    Push back brings a restoration that is higher than resilience…it becomes a Divine Set-up for one’s energetic future…the darkness is bright to those with the light…well done, xoB

    1. www.sеху says:


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