Red-Light District.

“I met a man in Paris. He was an older gent in a smoky dive bar, underground. After a half a minute convo, he unveiled his pièce de résistance. Said he was a Movie Producer.” “What did you say?” “I don’t remember. ‘I don’t give a fuck,’ comes to mind. I just remember flashing red […]

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“I’m convinced I don’t want you on the road trip with me this time.” “Why is that?” “Because you’ll control everything and I have my own set of records, thanks.” “But who’s going to record you?” “The noose around your neck.”  

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Low Roar.

There was a low roar coming from out beyond the railroad tracks that had long since seen their day. Over-grown bush, thistles and weeds choked its stakes as if they were the only living things left that cared enough to hold on to its memory. “I remember a few months back wishing that this train […]

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Surface Tension.

There will come a time when I have to simply say, “Best of Luck.” I will have to swallow all we were and eat it for One Last Meal as we part ways and veer off into parallel unknowns now beyond our reach. I don’t want that time to be today. I don’t want that […]

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I remember the gigantic bugs in his basement where he plugged me whole through tears. Not once, but three times. Blood and all. They were satanic concoctions of this spider / cockroach / wasp hybrid. He shooed one on the keyboard in front of me that I was using to stalk his matrixyclical conversations. Wholly […]

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Nuf’ Said. Get the Fuck Outta Town! Recovery My Way. Hittin’ the BI-Wayzz.

Short and simple. What I am recovering from directly or indirectly within just the last year alone:  …. Rape/Sexual Abuse Violence Abuse Drug Addiction Alcohol Abuse Death Miscarriage Broken Relationships Work Suicide Attempts Institutionalization Trauma Severe Anxiety Severe Depression Rage LIES. … WHAT I WILL NOT TOLEARTE: Anyone forcing their way into what was supposed […]

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