And, that is how the cookie crumbles. Day after day after day. Wtf is cookie monster? He looks like a cross between CHEWrocka in a coma and a blue bird wit googly eyes that look like tits, twits. Hey, my eyes are up here folks, said no man ever. Dem cookies! A lookie lookie lookie here, says Wyclef Jean. Dem jawns.

I once went to the DR and freed dez nuts. No one likes nuts in their cookies. Unless you’re like 12, playing hooky just to looky. Everyone loves milk spilt on their cookies. Don’t be cryin’, I ain’t lyin’.

Just don’t give me a pearl necklace cuz looks like the monster’s afraid of icing on the cake that never hurt ya. It’s like sliding between second base because he fucked ya bent ova.

Never said I was sweet.

The end.

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