Sorry Cock Sucka Puncha, with a Twist of Lemon. Deserving Dicks on a Platta. A lil’ jab’ll do ya! You Matta to Mamma Said Knock You Out!

Sad Night to Be or Not to Be an Italian Stallion. Word on the street is CanabiLIZm is in and You’re on the Way Out. Try This on for Size – Quickie 1 McFuckin Minute Meal.

#foodporn #cookingfordummies #babyilikeitraw #crazyjane #italianstallion #mafia #hunglikeahorse #digin #knives #spicegirls




A lil’ hard rocky. A lil’ chic & cocky. A lil’ tick tocky. A lil’ sweet & sour cum socky. A lil’ walkie talky. Jesus walkie on water and don’t stop talkie. Air Head Hockey. 

Xoxo, DJ Lizzy Dizzy McShady McPuck. She likes it fast & hard. Sorry, SUCK I.T.

Let that be a lesson in white space you tri folds, bi folds n Ben folds. Trans fur data…1,2,3.

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