The Case of the Missing WiFi.

The Case of the Missing WiFi (pronounced WIFEY). Connection Seeking Who’re. Ghosts of Addictions Past.

Time and Place – Half Past None of Your Business. 302 Junction McFunktion Dysfunksion, ESP (ELIZABETH SPEAKS PARANORMAL).

Weather – The snow drifts were up to her knees as a sisniter breeze licked her lips and froze her soul. NOR’EASTER which stands for suck the spring right outta ya in the North East. In da city. City of Compton. Keep it Rockin’, California Love. In your dreams.

Conditions – there are none. Wi-Fi always goes out here but this time she had to survive on her own when the switch flipped and she was left incomplete. Darkness, my old friend.

Survival Techniques – a lil’ bear grylls. A lil’ cheap thrills. A lil’ face punchy. ‘A lil’ time crunchy.

Equip – Magic Hat. How do ya like dat? Tablet. Lit. Third Eye Blind. Seek n Find. Jokes for days. Blaze n Haze. A lil Candid Camera. A lil’ McHamma. Jam Pants. I just cant’s.

#stopmotion #wifey #wifi #poweroutage #fright #boos #ghosts #paranormal #haunted #theyalwayscomeback #wereback



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