Cereal Killa. Munchin Boo Berries in Their PJ’s. Dead Poets Society. Kids be Trippin’ on Gin n Juice. [embed]bedtimestories[/embed]

I’m not so sure why I was obsessed with this story as a lil’ peewee.

But we’re about to find mount. Kick it Fats!

Shhh….Don’t Sing, Mommy.

Kick it DJ Lizzy Dizzy & DJ McFats, Make it Double …

Raise the Vibe, Children !re You Listenin’?

DJ Dizzy Lizzy n McMarco Polo

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  1. bambam415 says:

    Blueberry Hill is bezactly where I want to be…in the sun, having fun and stuffing my face like Sally and the little bear…a charming juxtipositioning of childlike faith and mature futuristic thinking…thx for the respite. XoB

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